Rotisserie Grilling with a Gas Grill

Rotisserie grilling, though considered old fashioned, is a cooking technique which incorporates all the cooking processes which makes meats like duck and chicken deliciously appetizing like roasting, grilling, smoking, stewing, and basting – like an old saying goes: “old is gold”. Rotisserie grilling is such a famously appreciated method of cooking that it is not only employed at homes but also at top-tier restaurants where people pay extra to eat rotisserie grilled foods. However, if you have experience with grilling and cooking, then you need not go to an expensive restaurant for the rotisserie experience because you can now purchase gas grills which provide a rotisserie thus giving you the option to avail this feature. Let us look at the basics of rotisserie grilling with best gas grills in detail.

The Process

Some gas grills come with a rotisserie extension in the form of a rotisserie skewer running along the middle of the gas grills grates, slightly raised above the grates. This rotisserie extension is of course able to rotate, suspended above the gas grill, with the lid enclosing it making sure that each surface of the meat exposed is absorbing the required amount of heat from the gas grill’s burners. Meanwhile, you can cook vegetables and other parts of the meat on the grates. This provides for a multi-surface cooking environment which you can utilize to efficiently create a complete multi-course meal.

A rotisserie provides a great way to gas grill on direct heat without the disadvantages of the exterior burning, blackening, and charring. The rotisserie rotates steadily to ensure that the meat is cooked exceptionally well from the inside and also from the outside, allowing its skin to become golden brown. This slow cooking retains the moisture in the meat and allows for excess fat to drip down into a drip tray which is at your disposal to collect.

The Flavor

Rotisserie grilling produces meat that is succulent and moist and full of flavor both on its juicy insides and its browned, golden, crisp outside. Ribs taste especially juicy and pleasantly chewy as opposed to them turning smoky and hard while gas grilling.

The Foods

Rotisserie grilling has tons of possibilities when it comes to what kinds of foods you can cook with it. Poultry such as chickens and hen is very famous with rotisserie gas grilling and is known to work best with it. Ducks are also top priority when choosing what to utilize your rotisserie for. In fact, cooking a duck is supposed to be the least messy with a rotisserie and the most effective in terms of melting the fat and browning the skin. Going a step further, even ribs cook miraculously well with a rotisserie as it makes them juicy and succulent. If you haven’t already realized, the possibilities are endless as even pork, lamb, quail, and fish can be cooked with a rotisserie.

All that should be left now is for you to get going on sharpening up your gas grilling skills by looking up recipes and trying out sauces and marinades.